Conference Schedule

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  • Day 1

    2020. 10. 22(목)

  • Day 2

    2020. 10. 23(금)

  • Day 3

    2020. 10. 24(토)

  • Day 4

    2020. 10. 25(일)

  • 코로나19가 세계의 정치, 경제, 문화 전 분야에 심각한 타격을 미치고 있는 지금, 세계적 석학이자 <총,균,쇠>의 저자 제레드 다이아몬드를 모시고, 코로나19 이후 국내 및 세계의 변화와 그 안에서 언론의 역할, 발전 방향을 모색해봅니다
    2020 Korea Journalism Conference

  • When the pandemic struck and millions of teachers around the world were faced with “remote emergency instruction,” some teachers found that the coronavirus pandemic created opportunities to rethink their practices of teaching and learning. Many gravitated to the use of digital and media literacy pedagogies, which are by nature responsive to the lived experience of learners. Educators helped students to document their pandemic isolation experience through the use of multimedia. Some educators created opportunities for “anytime” and “real time” learning that included online dialogue with their peers. In these spaces,......MORE
    2020 Korea Journalism Conference